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An online back pain protocol to reduce and eliminate back pain.

Back pain is miserable…


If you are reading this you most likely…. 

  • Are suffering from acute or chronic back pain 

  • Have researched or considered surgery, physical therapy, other symptom solution

  • Are frustrated that nothing seems to be helping 

  • Want to drop kick the next person who tells you that you will likely have to live with the pain forever 


I know you are struggling...I get it…


  • You are trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life while the physical and emotional exhaustion of pain is taking over

  • You have made an effort to find comfort from your pain in things like food, inactivity, mindless activities

  • The pain distracts you into hopelessness that you haven’t been able to stick with any treatment solutions offered to you

  • Maybe you are overwhelmed by all the treatment options and you feel a loss of control


You don’t have to take this journey alone…..

  • Whether you are stuck between current treatment plans

  • Wondering if you will have to undergo expensive surgery that is not guaranteed

  • Or whether or not you will become addicted to pain medications with harmful side effects

I’m here to show you the strategy to get you results. You just gotta be ready to work (and if you are reading this, I know you are READY to break free of a life led by pain).

Hi there, I'm Helen,


I’ve always had a passion for helping others which led me to my profession of nursing. With my 12+ years experience as a RN, the last 6 being a case manager specializing in workers’ compensation, I have managed hundreds of cases with a back pain diagnoses. 


After a personal experience with excruciating back pain which included nerve involvement and a diagnosis of 2 herniated discs, I was told by surgeons that my back situation was dire and surgery was necessary. At that moment, I chose to become the CEO of my own body and make decisions on my own terms which led to me healing my body from the inside out. 


Not only was this personal healing journey extremely successful, but one of the most powerful experiences I have ever been though which is why I have used my personal and professional experience to create a program for YOU so you can get pain reduction/elimination results similar to mine. 


Watching others ‘accept’ that there is nothing more they can do or surgery is the only option is difficult for me because I know otherwise. I KNOW that taking control and being an advocate for YOUR health and back pain is possible - because I have done it. 


This is why I created Back 2 Bliss Back Pain Protocol. Everyone deserves to be in a state of BLISS and I am ready to guide you and your back to this blissfulness. The best part? Clients have seen results in just a matter of weeks, sometimes days!


Join me and I’ll walk you step-by-step through the proven strategies that have helped reduce and eliminate back pain for myself and my clients offering them a new outlook on life and leaving the painful past behind them. 


Are you ready to experience bliss? Let’s do this together.

Imagine your life without pain controlling your every move...


  • Having the ability to do everyday activities without the anxiety of further injury

  • Feeling empowered by having the tools to self heal your body from the inside out

  • Enjoying life without the mental and emotional chains of pain

Back 2 Bliss Back Pain Protocol isn’t just any typical treatment. In fact, it is the first of its kind on the market and is more effective, affordable, and offers a long term solution in comparison to the often recommended invasive procedures such as injections, surgeries, and stimulators.

The end result: Within weeks you’ll begin seeing an improvement in pain while learning lifelong strategies to take control of your past, present, and future pain.

LOOK, the next 7 weeks of your life are going to fly by anyway. Why not use them to treat your back pain without undergoing the knife or spending thousands of dollars on treatment that offers questionable results?


Phase 1

Weeks 1-3: Getting Started

Learn what is causing your back pain. Get excited about living a life free of pain. Start moving your body to get results. Make simple nutritional changes to immediately feel better. One-on-one coaching session with Helen.

Phase 2

Weeks 4-6: Let's Do This
Understand the reason for taking actions outlined in this phase. Follow a specified 3 week anti-inflammatory nutrition plan (don’t worry - recipes included!)

Continue to move your body to lengthen and strengthen your spine. Learn the importance of taking time for YOU and your body. One-on-one coaching session with Helen.

Phase 3

Week 7: Maintenance

Incorporate what you have learned to enjoy the freedom that comes without the chains of pain.  Discover the benefits of incorporating change. Make a plan to continue actions to living a life of bliss. One-on-one coaching session with Helen.

In just 7 weeks, you could be back to BLISS and living the pain-free life you are meant to live. 


What if….


  • You had every step of the protocol to reduce / eliminate your back pain with lifelong tools to hold on to when back pain flares up 

  • You had 100% confidence that you were able to naturally heal your back pain

  • You could finally take part in LIFE without limitations 

SIgn up for the Back 2 Bliss protocol TODAY and get...

  • Weekly videos & content - 24/7 access on your desktop or phone 

  • Anti-inflammatory recipes & meal plan

  • 1:1 sessions with ME as you transition into each phase of healing



  • Bonus #1 Tangible resources mailed to you: syllabus, tracking sheets, meal plans

  • Bonus #2 Private Members-only Facebook Community ready to hold you accountable and support you when you need it

Back Pain

Is it right for me?


Back 2 Bliss : Back Pain Protocol is RIGHT for you if….

  • You are ready to take control of your back pain but don’t know where to start

  • Want to learn usable strategies to treat back pain which will also have positive
    outcomes on all aspects of your wellbeing

  • Need to get off the hamster wheel of failing conventional treatment for back pain
    including repetitive, high cost treatment that is only temporary

Back 2 Bliss : Back Pain Protocol is NOT for you if…

  • You want an instant, quick fix that won’t last

  • You are not willing or ready to decrease / eliminate your back pain

  • You are confident that traditional western medicine treatment and interventions will treat / heal your pain

B2B BACK - CLR.png

My money back guarantee

If after 60 days you don’t feel this program is right for you….


This program has a 60 day money back guarantee.


Back 2 Bliss gives you a complete back pain reduction / elimination protocol that is tried and tested and proven to work. If for some reason it doesn’t seem like a good fit or you haven’t seen a single improvement, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 60 days of purchase. 


If you do end up requesting a refund, you’ll need to show me that you did the work by completing the weekly modules, meal plan / food log, and before/after assessment with photos up until the date of refund requested. The information you will learn in this protocol is usable but it won’t work if you don’t put it into action. 


I want you to try my strategies and start seeing results. I am confident that this course will work for you, just as it did for me and others who have completed the protocol


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Need help signing up for a clarity call or have questions?




If you have any questions or concerns about the protocol, please contact us. 


The Back 2 Bliss Back Pain Protocol is a digital product. If after your clarity call you and Helen decide this program is a good fit, you will complete payment and will get instant access to the members-only area with the course content.

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