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Do you only sweep 1/2 your floor?

For many years I focused on ‘cracking’ my back and neck in hopes to relieve the pain and pressure I was experiencing.

My favorite ‘move’ was to sit on my knees on a chair and lean backwards, arching my back so that my spine would creak and crack due to the pressure from the back of the chair.

It felt good, the popping did. But the relief only lasted so long. I would find myself back up on my knees on top of the chair several times a day trying to contort my body just enough to get another jolt of that ‘feel good’ serum from the cracking of my bones.

This ritual was constant and habitual - but long term, it didn’t help.

In nursing school I learned a bit about the muscular system. But honestly - at that time, I only retained what I needed to know for the next test. Where I really learned (or was more open to learning) how my muscles connect and function was after my back injury & when I started getting massages. Massage therapists are great teachers because within their training, they really study the muscles - and yes, I ask a LOT of questions during my massages. “What muscles is that? Where does that connect?” And even statements like, “I didn’t even know that was there!”

I am aware that there are over 600 muscles in the human body and sometimes when you are having pain which may feel like a misalignment in your spine, the culprit most likely is a tight or irritated muscle(s).

So what good is it to sweep half of the floor but not the other? Eventually the dirty half will get the clean half all messed up again! FRUSTRATING!

Same concept with your spine and the surrounding muscles.

If you only re-adjust your spine and not work with the muscles surrounding and holding the spine up -- the spine will pull back out of alignment (muscles get tight and ‘pull’). Alternatively, when you focus not only on the spine but the surrounding muscles with interventions such as massage, stretching, and focusing on pressure points, your body has a much better shot at keeping both the spine and surrounding muscles in line and happy - which in turn decreases pain.

When was the last time you experienced lasting relief from ‘cracking’ your spine?

If it has been a while, or never, I highly encourage you to do some muscle work whether that is stretching/yoga (join one of my local classes - or search ‘yoga videos’ online), massage, staying active, or grabbing a tennis/lacrosse/yoga ball and press that ball into some of those tight muscles.

The Back 2 Bliss Back Pain Protocol offers movement as a pillar within the program because I know how important it is to continue to stay mobile in just the right ways to keep your muscles stretched and active.

If you are someone you know is suffering from acute or chronic back pain but they keep sweeping half of the room and not the other…. Be sure to check out (or share) the link to the Back Pain Protocol page so you (or they) can sign up to be notified with the program releases and is ready for participants.

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