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Get out of pain before getting out of bed

Your alarm goes off…. Not only are you tired and you want to hit the snooze loathe the act of getting into an upright position after waking up in whatever contortionist position you may have twisted yourself into during the night.

...You may rock and roll onto your side and groan as you push yourself up….

...You may place your feet on the floor and your knees go weak as you feel a twinge in your lower back when you take your first few steps of the day….

...Or you may even have to take some pain relievers before even attempting this process at all.

If these descriptions are common for you --- I can help.

And YOU can help yourself before even attempting to get out of bed.

Step 1: Set your alarm for 5 minutes before you need to get up

Step 2: Follow this stretching routine BEFORE even attempting to get out of bed:

(VIDEO LINK or verbal cues below)

Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds and repeat as needed.

  • Hug knees into chest, rock side to side if your bed tolerates

  • Keeping knees hugging into your chest - let your legs open wide

  • Place the left foot flat on the bed and your right leg straightens toward the ceiling - flex foot - hold behind the thigh (hamstring). *Switch legs & repeat*

  • Full body stretch - toes reach out - fingertips reach above your head (or cactus arms if your hands hit your headboard / wall)

  • Rock onto your side in the fetal position and use your top hand to press down into the bed to help yourself get up. Sit on the side of the bed for a moment before placing your feet on the ground, bending your knees slightly and standing up with your bellybutton tucked to your spine (core tight)

Step 3: Have a kick ass day!

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