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Why does your back need a coach?

Most of us know what we need to do – but why is it that we don’t actually do it??

Everyday we are inundated with information. Do XYZ to become debt free. Follow this meal plan to lose weight. Exercise this way to build muscle. With all this information, we should all be debt free millionaires looking like we are 20 when our drivers license confirms we are 50s 😉

Ok – so maybe I overexaggerate sometimes… but really – how often have you read information on how to better yourself but did NOT follow thru on it?

With over 15 years of coaching experience, it always comes back to accountability. Having that person next to you while you train, realizing that someone else is on the same page and experiencing what you are going thru and also working hard to be better, knowing that you have to check in with someone on your activity or progress.

This is one of the reasons I developed a program to help people with back pain. I understand how hard it is dealing with life and kids and work and debilitating pain. I was there – and through my rehabilitation, I researched and reached out and learned. I was able to rehabilitate and avoid surgery to my spine and I want to help you do the same.

Throughout Back 2 Bliss Back Pain Protocol, I am right beside you every step of the way. I teach you each week how to re-evaluate your thoughts around pain, consistently move your body to mobilize the spine, and decrease inflammation which in turn decreases pain. I check in with my clients, have 1:1 coaching calls, and follow up when I know they need a little push to move forward and quiet the voice in their head telling them that they aren’t worth the work to get better.

So if you or someone you know and love has been struggling with back pain what is consuming their lives, let me help.

Click HERE to book a FREE clarity call with Helen to talk about how the Back Pain Protocol can benefit you.

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