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I help people FEEL so they can fully HEAL

Engagement, Growth, Support, Authenticity, Passion


I hold space for individuals to connect with their deepest stories and self-perceptions. Creating connections with our emotions allows for identification of the resulting behaviors. As this clarity reveals truth about ourselves and the world, it removes the tendency to default to behaviors of defense. This work allows us to live into and spread love, joy, and healing as we create a perspective of peace, confidence, and clarity. 


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Meet Helen

Helen is a Registered Nurse and a Life Coach. 


She is passionate about helping women break thru barriers that are dragging them down or holding them back so they can live their best lives. 

She helps women live their best lives by practicing mindfulness, confidence, and gratitude to create healthy habits for more happiness! 

So many of us are passengers in our own lives, waiting for the ride to end, barely getting into our seats, or dreading the long road ahead. Because of this, Helen teaches simple and long-lasting habits to help women live their best lives, have meaningful relationships, and take back their identity.

Helen teaches mindfulness, self-awareness, goal setting, gratitude, how to identify barriers and knock them down with a sledgehammer, confidence, and how to be a master at self-care and NOT feel guilty about it. 

She has a background in health/wellness/life coaching and has been helping people set and reach their goals for over 15 years. She has been coaching as a ‘side hustle’ to her RN job since 2017 and continues to help more women each day as clients continue to share successes with others how their lives have changed after their time together. 

As a Registered Nurse she has had experience working in a rural hospital, a federal IHS clinic, a case manager specializing in workers’ compensation, and a project manager. She  teaches local yoga and paddleboard yoga and provides motivation and health training to individuals, companies, and on national stages. 

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My clients aren't broken and I don't fix them.

They are simply lost in the busyness and
lack of clarity in their lives.

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