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The Amplify Academy supports midlife womenpreneurs as they pursue their passion and live their dream lives while running their dream business.  

This comprehensive program was developed to deliver powerful results that AMPLIFY your energy, influence, and income. We play BIG and we get BIG results that create an impactful legacy. 


☑️ Interactive coaching and support to amplify your energy, influence and income 

☑️ Upgrade your identity as we gain clarity on who you are at your core as we identify your tendencies, traits, and tactics and utilize WHO YOU ARE to moving the needle forward in your business. 

☑️ Get crystal clear on your vision, goals, routines & mindset. Clarity, grow your confidence, personal development. 

☑️ Get clarity on your niche/ideal client, uplevel your offer statement, revamp your social media presence and show up with authority. 

☑️ Embrace habits that increase energy and creativity that propel you and your business forward in extraordinary ways. 

☑️ Witness your income expand as you understand and create deep and relatable connections with your ideal clients/customers. 

☑️ Recognize opportunities and boost curiosity to create bold strategies that relate to unparalleled marketing that makes you stand out in your business. 

☑️ Become a powerhouse at communicating as you utilize business and sales linguistics, leverage proactive language, and create POWER statements. 

☑️ Institute internal policy as you experience golden opportunities in your business while learning to test and trust your inner voice and integrity. 

☑️Leadership & how to use CEO systems to scale/grow your business over time. How to raise prices, earn more and work less 



Hi there, I'm Helen, 

I’ve always had a heart for pursuing my passion which led me towards my profession of nursing.


As a bedside nurse before starting my family, I worked overtime, extra shifts, long hours, overnights, and enjoyed learning all about the profession. Once I started a family, it was difficult for me to be away for 12 hour shifts on weekends, overnight, and holidays. I was exhausted and had nothing left to give when I got home. I was sad and angry that I couldn't be with my family for holidays and everyday memories. I started to feel unappreciated at work, even with all the sacrifice. I felt trapped. 


I sought out work from home and after 2 years of my expertise in professional persistence, I was hired as a work from home Nurse Case Manager hired by a company who had NEVER hired a nurse with no specialized experience as a case manager. My personality and drive shone brightly. 

During this new career, I climbed the corporate ladder and became an expert at agency and stakeholder communications and coordination. I trained dozens of new staff, developed programs, created training opportunities, engaged and supported team members. 


But I found myself deep into the work once again, working overtime and long hours. Even though I was salary, I still felt like I had to get the work done and felt pressured to do so. 


Then, as my children were growing up so quickly, my eyes were opened. They were living life while I wasn't present for or focused. I had lost sight of what was most important to me. I was exhausted and missing out. 


This realization of lacking freedom, capped income, and developing a business that wasn't mine pushed me to dig in my heals and fight for what I was truly called to do as a womenpreneur. 

After retiring from nursing, I replaced my nursing income within the first 2 months and hit 6 figures within the first year while initiating the foundational work nestled inside of the Amplify Academy.


When midlife womenpreneurs tell me they can run a successful business OR be a good mom/wife, I firmly disagree. The truth is, you can and will do BOTH and be abundantly successful. 


This is why I created a program to help midlife entrepreneur's like myself amplify their success in their pursuit of building their businesses while creating freedom and leaving a legacy. You were specifically chosen for your career and I am here to guide you on this journey. 


My clients have life changing transformations, and you will too


Join me and I’ll walk you step-by-step through the proven strategies that have helped hundreds of women amplify their energy, influence, and income. 


IMG_0556 (2).JPG
Imagine a business that works for you.... 


  • A business that provides you with energy and creativity as you connect with your passion.

  • A business that influences thousands as you share your impact with the world.

  • A business that creates abundant income and is continues to generate while you are away.

The Amplify Academy is designed to help driven midlife womenpreneurs amplify their energy, influence, and income. As a coach with over 20 years experience, Helen is fully aware that midlife womenpreneurs are juggling more than just their businesses. They attempt to balance life, kids, family in addition to the business they so passionately created and pursued. In midlife, there can be several 'crises' that arise that pull at the heartstrings of these driven women, tempting them to step back from their beautiful business. 

That is why this program is so transformational. Helen works exclusively with her clients to break down barriers and achieve powerful balance which allows them to have an incredibly successful business AND a life, kids, and family. There are no longer any crises. Instead there only become opportunities. 

The end result: Within weeks her clients start seeing an increase in their energy, influence, and income. It is POWERFUL.


LOOK, the next few months of your life are going to fly by anyway. Why not use them to reactive and explode the business that you were called to build & grow. 



Is the Amplify Academy right for me? 

The Amplify Academy is right for you if...


  • You are ready to have more energy, create more influence, and generate income in your business

  • You want to create confidence in your vision, build solid strategies for organization and optimization, and magnetize your mindset for more growth and success.

  • You created your business for freedom, but currently you feel tied down and exhausted. 

The Amplify Academy is NOT right for you if...

  • You want an instant, quick fix that isn't long term

  • You are not willing to open yourself up to new perspectives

  • You aren't willing to do the work to have your dream business with more freedom. 



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