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Fitness Classes

We offer specialty fitness classes including:

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Yoga  •  $10


Summer outdoor yoga classes offer the best of both worlds: the calmness of body awareness and the vitality of nature. Each class is unique and offers flowing sequences, strengthening and lengthening of your body, and body awareness. This 45-minute class takes you Back 2 Bliss by stretching and strengthening common sore or problem areas within your body. Modifications are always available.

Classes held outdoors (May-September) when weather is favorable.

Paddleboard Yoga  •  $10-20


If you love yoga, the water, and trying new things, this class is for you! During this class
we combine the the stretching and flow of yoga and the strength and balance of paddleboarding. While in a state of absolute bliss surrounded by the lapping water around you and the sun shining down, you will also feel energized by the flowing movements this class takes you through. Modifications are always available and falling in is encouraged! Classes held at the American Creek Beach area.

Available in the summer months (May-September).

Yoga on SUP

Beats  •  $10


A fun new way to get your heart rate up and break a sweat without even feeling like you are doing a workout! During this class, you use drumsticks to pound along to the beat to an upbeat choreographed song, while working every muscle in your body! The class begins with a warm up followed by some movin' and groovin', which ends with a cool-down and stretch. Afterward you are sure to be smiling, feel energized, and be ready to come back for more!

This class is by appointment only for parties of 5 or more. Do you have a favorite upbeat song you like to jam to? Let me know and I will choreograph a workout to it!

Don’t see a class date/time that works for you? Have a group of 5 or more people?
Contact Helen to book a private class for your and your group.

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