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Need more space?

During this time of social isolation, while I am happy to be at home with my loving family, I have to admit - there are times when I could use a bit more personal space - an escape, per say.

Like the human need for personal and mental space that we sometimes crave....our bodies also crave this space.

Space to allow for optimal functioning. For example - if you have inflammation in one of your organs (causes enlargement and fluid retention) or you have an abundance of adipose tissue, your body may crave more space vs. being squished on the inside.

Same concept with your spine. We often don't help our skeletal system when it comes to space. We like to push and lift and go go go - not stopping long enough to stretch areas of our body to allow adequate space for optimal functioning.

For example - think about your spine and how many hours a day you sit immobile in a chair or on a couch a day - these postures can compress the spine which does not allow allow proper space between each bony process (vertebrae) which in turn compresses the pliable, fluid filled disc space which cushions and provides a 'shock absorber' in your spine.

Follow along with this video for 4 stretches that can help you open up that space in your lumbar spine. I promise you - your lower back will thank you for giving it the 'space' it so badly craves!

Did you know that the Back 2 Bliss Back Pain Protocol is now open for enrollment? The protocol includes videos like this to help increase space in your spine and aid in strengthening with the ultimate goal of decreasing/eliminating your back pain.

If you or someone you know has been struggling with back pain - whether for a few weeks to a few years - I want to help.

Book a Clarity Call with Helen today to determine whether the B2B Back Pain Protocol will best meet your healing needs.

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